Robert Harnell John Kerlin Ira Flory Saylor Diehl Ben Hedrick H. P. Miller Elbert Kinzie G. W. Beahm Alverta Early Ben Kerlin Laura Kane Sarah Beahm Ester Beahm William Beahm Mrs. I. N. H. Beahm I. N. H. Beahm Anna Beahm J. C. Beahm W. C. Reid E. S. Hoon Ethel Akers Viola Davis John Young Fleta Hale Ida Akers Ella Baker Lizzie Thomas Mabin Thompson Emory C. Crumpacker S. H. Flory Ed Spittle Lula Brigg Adria Beahm Daisy Hornbaker Mary Kane Ida Daniel Eva Berryman Ollie Hershberger Mable Kincheloe Lillie Collier Nettie Sayers Vernie Baker Sam Conner (Unknown) Shacklett Jake Conner Albert Seese George Berkheimer Conrad Hamp Albert Roseberry (Not identified) Pocahontas Lynn W.C. Moomaw Katie Read Joe Breeden Yost Metz George Bucher Will Good Walter Kincheloe Harry Minnick Claude Brawner George Colvin A. P. Bucher

Brentsville Academy 1898

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Front Row (Seated – L-R), 1. Robert Harnell, 2. John Kerlin, 3. Ira Flory, 4. Saylor Diehl, 5. Ben Hedrick, 6. H. P. Miller, 7. Elbert Kinzie, 8. G. W. Beahm

Second Row (L-R), 9. Alverta Early, 10. Ben Kerlin, 11. Laura Kane, 12. Sarah Beahm (child), 13. Ester Beahm (child on lap), 14. William Beahm (child in front), 15. Mrs. I. N. H. Beahm, 16. I. N. H. Beahm, 17. Anna Beahm (child), 18. J. C. Beahm, 19. W. C. Reid, 20. E. S. Hoon, 21. Ethel Akers, 22. Viola Davis, 23. John Young, 24. Fleta Hale, 25. Ida Akers, 26. Ella Baker

Third Row (L-R), 27. Lizzie Thomas, 28. Mabin Thompson, 29. Emory C. Crumpacker, 30. S. H. Flory, 31. Ed Spittle, 32. Lula Brigg, 33. Adria Beahm, 34. Daisy Hornbaker, 35. Mary Kane, 36. Ida Daniel, 37. Eva Berryman, 38. Ollie Hershberger, 39. Mable Kincheloe, 40. Lillie Collier

Fourth Row (L-R), 41. Nettie Sayers, 42. Vernie Baker, 43. Sam Conner, 44. (Unknown) Shacklett, 45. Jake Conner, 46. Albert Seese, 47. George Berkheimer, 48. Conrad Hamp, 49. Albert Roseberry, 50. (Not identified), 51. Pocahontas Lynn, 52. W.C. Moomaw, 53. Katie Read

Fifth Row (L-R), 54. Joe Breeden, 55. Yost Metz, 56. George Bucher, 57. Will Good, 58. Walter Kincheloe, 59. Harry Minnick, 60. Claude Brawner, 61. George Colvin, 62. A. P. Bucher

Original 1898 photo courtesy of Mrs. Mary (Owens) Flory

Identification by Mr. Robert Beahm